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Mold making for your needs

The tool is the essential base of plastics processing. It's the decisive factor for quality and efficiency of all subsequent work steps.

Due to our knowledge and competence we build precision- and high-performance-tools for injection molding. These tools make it possible to produce high-quality injection molded parts in a smooth production process!

The precondition for mold making in highest quality is the uncompromising decision for most modern tool machines and processing technologies.

Our innovations in mold making and injection molding put us in a position of developing special applications to ensure your competitive advantage.
In spite of all technical aspects:

In the end, the handwork of the mold makers is crucial for the quality of the mold. Filigree manual work is as indispensable as decades of experience and the know-how of the staff.

As an investment in the future, all these competences are passed along to our apprentices.